Our Purpose at First Baptist Bible Church


We understand the great need for Christ-honoring churches in our area.  Here at FBBC, we understand that the Word of God has the ability to change lives one person at a time.  Following are several statements that make up the purpose of First Baptist Bible Church:


Inspire People To Develop A Heart For God

The main reason we exist as a church is to inspire people to have a heart for God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through salvation.  Another objective we have is to help Christians grow in their daily lives - a process known as sanctification.  At FBBC we believe that the preaching of the Word of God is foundational and essential.


Include Them In A Loving Church Family

We desire to include every individual in the ministry here at FBBC.  We believe that if God has led you to FBBC that He has a purpose and part for you here.  We are a family of believers and everyone is important.


Instruct Them In The Word Of God

We believe the solutions for the problems we face every day rest in the Bible.  We teach and preach so that people may discover victory over the discouragements of life, learn Bible doctrine, understand Christian duty, and comprehend what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.


Involve Them In Ministry

We desire to help every Christian understand the privilege, and opportunities they have to serve God.  Opportunities abound for evangelism, ministry, community outreach, and service.


Impact Glendale And The Regions Beyond

FBBC desires to share the message of Jesus Christ with every person.