Associate Pastor Ismael Wilson has been leading the adult Sunday School class through a discipleship book.


Men and Ladies Bible Study: 

Held the last Saturday of the month.  Men led by Pete Wilkerson and the ladies by Torrie Wilkerson. 

Potluck breakfast.  Sign up sheet on the bulletin board.

Young Adults

Young adults who are right out of high school up to the age of 25 have the opportunity to join the young adults class led by Chris and Laura Savarese.  They have just finished the very important topic of courtship and what the Bible has to say about it and are currently diving into what the Bible has to say about personal finance.

Ladies Ministry

Ladies Night In

What is Ladies Night In? Twice a month, the ladies gather on a Friday night to plan and make crafts and sew for upcoming events. Ladies are encouraged to bring a dish to share and a friend to join in the fun and fellowship. Start time 6pm.


Ladies Helping Ladies Bible Study:

Led by Miss. Doris. We meet every other Tuesday Evening at 6 O’clock. The Ladies are currently studying the book of Proverbs. Bring a dish to share and a friend. All ladies are welcome.